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Between our domestic and commercial companies we now offer one of the widest ranges of hinged doorsets anywhere.

Domestic Doors

We offer standard and made to measure front entrance doors alongside security doors for your garage or outbuildings, fire rated doors between your garage and house, single and double skin doorsets for general purpose around the home in any environment and specialist double doorsets for larger openings.
Steel and aluminium doors are the future in reality and the performance they can offer far outstrips other materials out there. The strength and therefore the stability is superb compared to timber or composite and modern finishing methods now provide almost any colour or woodgrain effects to suit almost any property.

Commercial Doors

We offer steel or aluminium doorsets for almost any application on any building.
In the 21st century now in the UK we have finally started to catch up with many European countries on the principals of a ‘doorset’. A door, frame and furniture set completely matched for total compliance and suitability for the environment it is going into with tested performance values. A doorset ensures continuity of quality and build standards and provides compliance with certified testing results. It is mad to expect a hinged door of any kind which has been designed to stop a fire, prevent a break in or provide high insulation values to be assembled on site from a mass of components and expect a final result which is the same again and again.
A ‘doorset’ means a complete assembled product with tolerances and always the same tested components being incorporated.

Standard and made to measure doors for security, fire, acoustic barrier, insulation, vision, PAS24, LPS1175, Secured by Design, RC2, and many other ratings can be supplied by us and for so many people they simply do not realise how good a steel door can look these days with modern finishing processes. Almost any colour and so many woodgrain finishes are available and all with really good guarantees.


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