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We have seen the real demand for insulated doors, shutters and entrance doors rise dramatically in the last 2-3 years and as we remind people constantly, an insulated door product usually offers far greater security as well as insulation due to the basic construction techniques. An insulated garage or roller type door will usually be a minimum of 9mm thick and can be as much as 45mm thick and is double skinned in steel or aluminium. When you look at some of the latest entrance doors these can be as much as 100mm thick so the panel strength is great and also enables the use of some hefty locking mechansims too.

Insulated garage doors have always been about for over 20 years but more recently the new build properties are far more focussed on energy saving and with an integral garage this now includes the garage door, side door and the door into the main house.

We can offer insulated doors in the following mechanism types:

  • Entrance Doors
  • Pedestrian side doors
  • Roller DoorsSectional Doors
  • Hinged Garage Doors
  • Round the Corner Doors
  • Overlap Trackless Sectional Doors
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Garage Doors

The choice is enormous and these doors can also go up to some very large sizes indeed and we see the use of these larger dors far more frequently as the old size 14' (4267mm) double door is now usually a 16' (4877mm) and it is common place now to supply doors at 5.5 - 6m wide and beyond. Obviously when a garage door becomes this loarge the double skinned panel is usually essential for panel strength and to stop any panel deflection so the insulation is just part of the design.

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