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We have been installing glass canopies and outdoor rooms since 2007 alongside our traditional awnings and pergola systems. The glass outdoor room is the perfect addition when you want to spend a lot more time outdoors but controlling the weather more, mainly the rain in the UK of course.
Totally bespoke sizes and specifications as well as various models with different styles to the profiles also ensures we provide the right style for your property.

We can now offer traditional angled wall mounted systems as well as flat roof profile systems and stand alone rooms too when it is impossible to fix to the property or you want the space further away.

Generally a glass garden room will provide far more use than most conservatories can because of the ability to control air flow and sunlight ingress with the optional retractable roof and side blinds available.. Fully opened up the system is acting more like a glass roof and therefore retains no heat build up in the summer months.

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