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Samson Awnings are a division of Samson Industrial Doors Ltd and are specialists in all aspects of sun, wind and rain outdoor protection systems. Products include retractable awnings, fixed glass or polycarbonate roof systems, specialist commercial medium to giant size umbrellas, retractable roof systems and many other leading technical products, all developed in Northern European climates to deal with very variable weather systems and not just sunshine. The need for extra space in a covered outdoor environment has never been so strong with more people enjoying their gardens and terraces than ever before and so many other types of business wanting to provide extra outdoor seating areas for customers with protection from the weather for most of the year round.
Our systems are almost limitless in size and are generally bepoke in size, colour and shape.

Samson Awnings was formed back in 2005 and our aim was to provide outdoor covered solutions for the commercial market and in 2007 along came the smoking ban. Back then many of the products we sell daily now were in their infancy but with the demand in the UK for retractable roof and awning systems that are capable of dealing with windy and wet weather and not just sunshine manufacturers came up with many solutions. This has enabled us to define the various products by their intended use so much better and of course the majority of people in the UK do realise now that calm, sunny days are rare, and the outdoor cover systems have to deal with stronger winds and more frequent rain showers, but when this is achieved the outdoor spaces become useable and functions do not need to be cancelled or ruined any more by a change in the weather.

We are specialist distributors and installers for some of the biggest European manufacturers of awnings, umbrellas, aluminium roof structures and retractable terrace cover systems

Markilux retractable awnings  weinor awnings, glass rooms and terrace covers  Gibus outdoor terrace covers and living systems  May commercial and domestic umbrellas  Paraflex side arm mounted umbrellas  


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