News: 2021 Reflections At The Dove Group


2021 Reflections at The Dove Group

Our dedicated staff have had another busy and unique year over our companies' various sectors, with the impact of covid hitting every industry in differing ways. Join us as we reflect on 2021, as we are about to head into a new year that is sure to be full of exciting new projects and amazing transformations.

Samson: Transforming Outdoor Spaces

Since covid, there has been realisation nationwide around just how healthy being outside is, with a particular focus on various business owners truly discovering the huge benefits to providing outdoor spaces for customers.

We are finally catching up now with our European cousins in terms of outdoor living, whereas before covid we were perhaps 5-10 years behind on the concept, particularly in the hospitality sector. European restaurants and cafes are kitted out with shading and weather protection to ensure fresh air can be comfortably enjoyed into the evenings, and even into the autumn and winter.

As we now seem to be catching up with this concept, Samson Awnings have truly excelled. Throughout 2021, the team have transformed various venues with versatile and attractive weather protection systems, with a huge surge in demand in the face of the pandemic and the necessity to sit outside.

White Weinor Pergotex for modern home

Markilux Markant with cream fabric and anthracite grey framework

Large, grey retractable awnings in outdoor courtyard bar, London

Large butterfly awnings installed at student union Cream retractable pergola with side screen Red butterfly awning

Just this year, Samson have installed commercial-spec butterfly awnings, retractable pergolas, retractable awnings, glass verandas for all kinds of venues, including cafes, restaurants, schools, nature parks, universities and more! Not to mention the array stunning domestic projects for some beautiful homes, with retractable awnings, glassrooms, verandas etc. being fitted with heating, lighting and accessories to completely enhance the outdoor living experience.

Home Improvements & Construction

Whilst the British public faced numerous gruelling lockdowns throughout the last two years, a staggering increase in home improvements has been seen across the board.

Our team over at The Garage Door Centre have been surveying, specifying and installing all types of bespoke garage doors and matching front entrance doors, and playing a huge role in transforming people's home's and their facades! We've seen some fantastic results, as well as a surge in electric operation and smart device integration with our product's automation systems.

AGD Systems have also been busy as ever as they create secure and attractive driveways with the installation of electric gates of all kinds; timber, steel aluminium in all different colours, stains and designs.

Timber up and over garage doors Steel side hinged door in Chartwell Green Timber swing electric gate


As we head to towards the end of another unpredictable year, we'd like to thank all of our customers, new and old! We're very much looking forward to installing more innovative and upcoming products for you.

Please do head over to the 'Our Businesses' button in the main menu to discover more about what we do, and don't hesitate to contact the relevant company if you wish to enquire.

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year from all at The Dove Group!